Class Description
Add borders.
Add top border.
Remove borders.
Remove horizontal borders.
Remove vertical borders.
Remove top border.
Remove right border.
Remove bottom border.
Remove left border.
Class Description
Make div page-wide. Add negative margins == Gutter grid size.
Make div panel-wide. Add negative margins == Panel body padding.
Add bottom grid gutter margin.
Add bottom form-group's margin.
Remove margins.
Remove horizontal margins.
Remove vertical margins.
Remove top margin.
Remove bottom margin.
Class Description
Add panel body's padding.
Add grid column's padding.
Add tab content's padding.
Add horizontal panel body's padding.
Small padding.
Small horizontal padding.
Extra small horizontal padding.
Small vertical padding.
Extra small vertical padding.
Remove padding.
Remove horizontal padding.
Remove vertical padding.
Remove top padding.
Remove bottom padding.
Horizontal and vertical text align
Class Description
Left-aligned text.
Center-aligned text.
Right-aligned text.
Left-aligned text on small screens.
Center-aligned text on small screens.
Right-aligned text on small screens.
Left-aligned text on medium screens.
Center-aligned text on medium screens.
Right-aligned text on medium screens.
Left-aligned text on large screens.
Center-aligned text on large screens.
Right-aligned text on large screens.
Aligned top text in table cells.
Aligned middle text in table cells.
Aligned bottom text in table cells.
You can mix responsive classes to align text depending to the screen size.
Text sizes
Class Description
Extra small text.
Small text.
Big text.
Large text.
Extra large text.
Super large text.
Text weights
Class Description
Slim text.
Normal text.
Semibold text.
Bold text.
Text colors
Class Description
Default text.
Success text.
Danger text.
Warning text.
Info text.
Light gray text.
Class Description
Default background.
Success background.
Danger background.
Warning background.
Info background.
Panel heading's background.
Remove background.
Rounded borders
Class Description
Round element.
Remove rounded borders.
Columns sizing
Class Description
Set width: auto on small screens.
Set width: auto on medium screens.
Set width: auto on large screens.